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MagicYoyo Y03 Hertz

MagicYoyo Y03 Hertz

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The MagicYoyo Y03 Hertz is a butterfly shaped, unresponsive metal yoyo for 1A, 3A and 5A yoyo tricks. A smooth finish, high rim and lightweight. This yoyo is the ultimate yoyo for professional yoyo players and beginner yoyo players.

The high rims and a slim line V design, makes the MagicYoyo Y03 it easy to preform those harder tricks but also learn new ones. With a V shape design, this reduces resistance for a longer spin. 

The MagicYoyo Y03 yoyo also comes with 4 extra strings, 1 x yoyo bag, and 1 x yoyo glove.


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