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Our Yoyo Factory Favourites

Our Yoyo Factory Favourites

With so many yoyo brands to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming for a beginner, but one of our reputable brands which is a firm favourite with our fellow Yoyoers is Yoyo Factory.

With this in mind, we're excited to unveil a curated selection of standout yoyos from Yoyo Factory. These aren't just personal favourites; they're also consistently top choices among our discerning customers.

Yoyo Factory Loop 360

Picture this: a yoyo designed with precision and engineered for consistency, ensuring each loop is a testament to your growing skill. The Loop 360 doesn't just meet the criteria; it exceeds expectations, providing a smooth learning curve for beginners while offering the responsiveness and reliability sought after by seasoned yo-yo aficionados, especially when learning to do 2A yoyo tricks.

What sets this remarkable yo-yo apart is its commitment to making the learning experience accessible without breaking the bank. Yoyo Factory understands the importance of affordability, ensuring that your pursuit of looping mastery is not hindered by budget constraints.

Yoyo Factory Spinstar

The Spinstar stands as the pinnacle choice of yoyo for beginners entering the world of yoyos! It's the ideal companion for learning, boasting simplicity, durability, and minimal upkeep. This yoyo encapsulates all the essential elements sought after by newcomers.

Crafted ingeniously with a stainless-steel axle paired with a low friction spinning sleeve, the Spinstar revolutionises the learning experience. Its design enables longer and smoother spins, providing ample time to grasp and perfect various tricks effortlessly.

Yoyo Factory Arrow

The Arrow is one of our most popular yoyos from Yoyo Factory as it has the diversity to be used by both a beginner yoyoer and professional yoyoer. The Arrow comes with two different level ball-bearings, stainless ball-bearings for super long spins, and has a finger spin metal hub which is perfect for horizontal finger spin grinds and performing the DNA yoyo trick.

Yoyo Factory Atom Smasher

The Atom Smasher is a favourite for many yoyoers and in our experience, they always go down a treat when we are at yoyo competitions (so the proof is in the pudding!). The Atom Smasher has a solid Polycarbonate body with an aluminium finger spin hub to give players the ease of transitioning from beginner to intermediate finger spin tricks. The inner rings further allow to improve a player’s accuracy on hitting that hub to land the perfect DNA.

Yoyo Factory Shutter

The Shutter stands as the hallmark model crafted in collaboration with Gentry Stein, a remarkable 4x USA National Champion and 2x World Yoyo Champion. This yoyo is a testament to meticulous design, boasting innovations tailored to elevate performance to unprecedented heights.

From its inception, the Shutter was meticulously engineered, featuring an inner foil configuration meticulously calibrated to achieve an optimal weight distribution. This meticulous design translates into a perfect blend of power, speed, and control—essential elements for executing intricate, lengthy combinations and dazzling displays.

Not just limited to its exceptional performance, the Shutter opens doors to unique finger-spin opportunities on its inner faces while also offering remarkable capabilities for central and outer ring grinds. It's not solely about the yoyo in the journey to becoming a champion, but a phenomenal yoyo like the Shutter certainly stands as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of every aspiring and reigning yoyo champion.

This is just a small snippet of the yoyo’s that we offer from Yoyo Factory, but you can explore the full collection on our Yoyo Factory page.

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