How to Setup a Yoyo

How to Setup a Yoyo

How to Setup Your Yoyo

An in depth guide on how to set up a yoyo

I will break this down into five steps to make it as simple and easy to follow as possible. Getting your yoyo the right length and set up correctly is important! It will help with learning new yoyo tricks and make it easier for you to practise.

Step one – Attaching the string

  • Place your yoyo on the table on its side, unwind the string so its one long twisted strand.
  • Pinch the end of the string without a loop on it and then with your other hand hold the string around 1.5 inches from the end where your holding.
  • Roll the string between your fingers until the two twisted strands separates and then split them apart creating a loop.
  • Place the loop over the yoyo and into the middle on the bearing, let go and re-twist the string.

Now that you have attached the string lets measure it to suit your height.

Step two - Measuring the string length

  • If you are of 5 foot 8 inches tall and over then you may not need to measure your string, it may be the perfect length.
  • Standing up, lay the yoyo on the floor holding the string, use your index finger to press the string into your belly button. Making sure the string has no slack in it.

Make sure that once you have measured your yoyo string that you keep hold of that point of the string so that you don’t lose it. Now lets tie the knot!

Step three – Tying the knot

  • The part of the string that you placed on your belly button will be the top of your new loop. This will be called loop A.
  • With the excess string, fold it back on itself, making loop A.
  • With loop A bring it round and lay it over itself creating another loop. This will be called loop B.
  • Then pull loop A through loop B creating a loop of about 1 inch in length. If your loop is to big or small then you will need to fiddle with the knot to bring it higher or lower to adjust the size. once you have created a perfect size loop for you, pull and tighten it all up.
  • Once you have tightened it all up you will want to cut off any excess string. Leaving about half a centimetre of string.

Step four – Attaching the string to your finger

  • With your newly made loop we will create a slip knot.
  • Place the loop over the single strand of string about 2 inches down from the loop.
  • Grab the single strand of string through the loop and pull through.
  • This will create a slip knot. We use this knot so the string will sit tight but comfortable on your finger when yoyoing.
  • This slip knot is to be placed on the middle finger of your throwing hand half way up your finger between your first and second knuckle.

Your yoyo string is now at the perfect length and ready for you to use your yoyo! So, lets do this one last step and you’re ready to begin.

Step five – Winding up the string

  • Place the yoyo in your non-throwing hand.
  • Pinch the string with the thumb of your non-throwing hand, pressing it against the yoyo locking it in.
  • Then with your throwing hand. Wind the string up.
  • Once you have done about 5 to 6 turns you can let go of the string with your non-throwing hand and wind the rest of the string up.

You’re now all set to start your tricks and enjoy your new hobby!

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